Mass murder of sled dogs in Canada: this foster speaks out

Murders that almost didn’t happen
It is with a very heavy heart that I write this, but the more of you know the better. A man in Canada, from where they just held the 2010’s Winter Olympics, personally shot/stabbed to death 100 sled dogs after his sledding company requested he reduce the inventory of dogs at the end of the tourist season. He asked for help from his local SPCA, but got turned away twice because sled dogs are considered to be "working" dogs that require time to learn how to become family pets. He contacted a local vet to have them be put them down humanely, but was rejected as well due to the dogs being perfectly healthy. He tried to find homes at least for the puppies, but

when that too fell through, he wrote up a list of older dogs to destroy and then slit their throats or shot them to death repeatedly over the course of 2 days in April of 2010. He then dug out a mass grave and continued to shoot maimed dogs, who despite their catastrophic injuries tried to crawl out to safety of their pack. Here is his account in his own words.

How the system then failed again
The only reason any of this got out was because, according to Canadian law, this man filed a workman's compensation claim with the state claiming he suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while on the job. The state paid the claim, but someone at the administrative office saw his detailed account of what he did and leaked it to the media. Canadians are outraged, but according to their law, this man, if he ever goes to jail, will not spend more than 18 months there. 100 innocent, hard working, loyal, dogs culled because of corporate greed while their murderer lives on. 100 defenseless, tethered to each other "men's best friends" killed in cold blood - and all this monster gets is nightmares and an occasional panic attack.


Punishment by nightmares
Over several years, I spend on average 1 to 3 weeks trying to save 1 dog's life at a time - and he goes on a rampage and a 100 lose theirs in 2 days. He wrote in his workman’s compensation claim report that he can still hear their horrendous cries, and that some dogs tried to attack him to defend their own. He shot them all. And, when that didn’t work, he used his knife to finish the job. He now relives the events of that day in his nightmares. Just like Shakespeare’s Macbeth, he keeps washing the blood off his hands, but can’t.

Oh, how I wish more cruel monsters out there who torture, kill, set on fire, poison, maim and hurt innocent animals would get haunted like that for the rest of their lives. Or, that the Canadian law be changed to really defend those who have no way to defend themselves. Gandhi once said that society’s health is measured by the way it treats its poor and its animals. All I can say is that since people in Canada and world at large let such psychos go unpunished–our society is sicker than all of us think.

What you can you do to help
Please sign the following two petitions to prosecute the guilty to the fullest extent. Here is a link to one:

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