Who am I?

Several years ago, when the country faced what later became known as "the tainted pet food scandal", I too faced a loss of two beloved dogs and a cat to that ugly product of corporate greed. A company called IAMS, decided to test its customers' complaints by taking nine innocent dogs from a local shelter. All nine were fed IAMS pet food until every single one of them died of kidney failure. Only then did IAMS admit to a possible problem, and pulled their laced with rat poison pet food from the stores.

That is when I decided to do something about it. I thought about those nice lost lives in addition to three in my own home and decided that if I could temporarily lend some space on the living room floor to just one shelter dog - it would save his or her life. Over eighty dogs later, armed with all kinds of foster experiences, I now share with my readers what these miracle dogs have taught me. Welcome to my blog.
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