Tough dog for tough times

In these difficult for so many people times, every happy ending story or a motivational flicker of hope is welcomed to warm the disappointed heart. In my opinion, when it comes to animals around us, you can’t find truer of more natural motivators of the human spirit. 
  • Nobody will greet you with more enthusiasm when you walk through that front door for the 100th time in one day like a dog or softly lay a paw on your lap without uttering a sound when you are at your loneliest like your cat;
  • Few things can stir up the same sense of awe as watching a horse run free;
  • Every fish owner can tell you that just watching them silently interact with you or each other will lower your blood pressure in the nick of time;
  • And, every bird owner swears there is that one song, one sound their bird makes that renders them forgetful of all their troubles with its simple beauty. 

They remind us how to be human again. We all experienced it. We all felt it. But, the story I wanted to relate today is that of hope given to a homeless man by a homeless dog, and vice versa. From one unlikely foster to another. 
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