Sue's contradictions or how one foster dog taught a simple lesson

Sometimes, a foster dog comes into your life and turns all your expectations on their head. Sue was such a dog. Rescue's email asked me to foster a dachshund mix. Then, from the pictures I was forwarded, I realized I was actually getting what actually looked like a small Labrador. Picking her up from the rescue's transport van I was immediately informed that she was “a handful”. Finally at home, observing this small yet unexpectedly heavy (25lbs!) girl at play, I wondered about her personality because the rest of her resembled a serious bodybuilder. Not stopping there with surprises, Sue proved to be quite gentle, disarmingly affectionate, yet calm. Regularly flying up the stairs while almost knocking me off my feet, she would then lay at the foot of the bed, patiently waiting to be invited up. Rushing the main door to be let out, she would then lazily sit on the mat to peacefully observe wildlife in action. The only area of life where Sue was just Sue was her eating. That she did with complete and utter abandon. It was her, food, and the two had to merge together in under 4 seconds or less.

Needless to say, Sue didn't wait to get adopted. It took just one week for a young lady to spot my many-splendored-foster-thing on the site and apply to become her family. Nobody at the rescue knew the full story of why Sue ended up at a rural shelter being only four years old, healthy, dog/cat and kid friendly, perfectly house-trained and unbelievably loving. But, what everybody witnessed without any ambiguity was how naturally she and her new owner fit together as the two of them walked away after finding each other. Sometimes, fate shows itself not in what you see or expect to see, but in what you do not. And little Sue taught me that well.

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