Journey's journey or how a gorgeous biter finally found a forever family

Little Journey is a Springer and a King Charles Spaniel mix. I became his foster by accident right before Christmas 2010. He was just returned since it was discovered that he gets really anxious around crates and little kids, probably due to being taunted while confined. To undo that traumatic association, I started giving him treats if he went inside his crate. Being food and attention motivated, he took to it like a charm. I also started covering his crate with a blanket creating an even stronger sense of security for him, all of which really worked. Dogs recovering from stress, sometimes need a place that is completely their own, where no harm can come to them. Crating him like that provided just that. Being a Spaniel mix, Journey is a gentle, extremely affectionate, even if a bit vocal and velcro-ey puppy of two & half years of age. Gifted with a great nose, he enjoys his walks with a dedication of a vacuum

cleaner, smelling every atom of whatever happened to be on the ground. And after living with me for about a month, he is hopefully going home to his new family this weekend. Having had Spaniels for over 16+ years they really wanted another Spaniel. I didn't know if he'd show well at the Adoption fair since Journey tends to get really nervous and vocal in crowded places, but he totally connected with the lady's older daughter and even licked her nose. Spaniels hate to be alone, and this family will offer him an almost constant companionship. So after losing his family twice to poor treatment and a misunderstanding, I wish that this third time will indeed be the charm for this little curious Velcro guy. Oh, and the lady said she'll call him Jello, if she gets him, since the names of her previous dogs were Custard and Pudding. There you go Journey, on Saturday you'll become your very own food subgroup!
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