Here's jumping at you, kid or the tale of Molly landing in your heart

Here's a face of a stray to fall in love with. Molly, my “jumping” foster, stole hearts at every adoption fair she appeared at, which explains why she stayed with me only two weeks. Just adopted by a young couple from Alexandria, she is now looking to have a new life filled with every imaginable dog dream. Surprisingly, it is I, who is now acclimatizing to her not turning the house upside down. Literally bouncing from couch to couch, corner to corner, bed to ceiling and back, she was my favorite speedy-Gonzales foster with legs made of springs. 

I am sure Mr. Darcy (my resident cat-extraordinaire) probably won’t agree with my sentiment. Not after he experienced the fastest case of weight loss he’ll remember.
Being only 2 years old, still quite puppy and Jack Russell Terrier-like, Molly chased him everywhere. Not to bite, but to play with. Some dogs chase to catch, others – just to chase. Since that wasn't enough, she and my little puppy mill-escapee miniature dachshund, Dora, would also play for hours and even Tobe, my grumpy older Corgi/Spaniel mix, didn't mind her curling up next to him at night by the end of her stay. I consciously know that the couple who got her will spoil her and love her, because she is a true dog's dog, but not having her around in my sleepy kingdom of couch potatoes, is rather palpable. It’s funny and inevitable. The very thing that drove you up the wall will end up being the very reason you miss them.
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