A war dog becomes a Hero Dog Awards finalist, no surprise there

A follow onto the War Dogs post earlier this year. Just found out that the American Humane Society and the Hallmark Channel teamed up for a great cause: to seek out, recognize and award Hero Dogs in all walks of life in America. Out of 453 nominated for this honor dogs, 8 were chosen to represent different Hero categories. Bino C152, the Military Dogs category nominee, illustrates all the incredible and extraordinary qualities these dogs exhibit every day, from their supreme focus on any given task to their unique ability to inspire the will-to-go-on, to pull through both in soldiers and in other dogs. After 11 years of non-stop service, Bino C152 is both an exceptional and a universal story of a fearless war dog who had already done so much and is doing more still. Watching his story, albeit short, makes you realize how amazing and devoted these furry soldiers truly are. Thank you Bino C152 for your service and your faith in us. You are already a winner.

Here are stories of other remarkable Hero Dogs finalists: Meet the top 7! 

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